Monday, May 04, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Today I finally brushed the dust off of my first draft of my manuscript for The Seventh Chakra and I have begun the daunting process of rewriting.

For starters, I'm basically overhauling the majority of the first chapter (i.e., rewriting it from scratch) in order to better establish the sequence of events that follow for the next 300 pages--which, naturally, I didn't have a great grasp on before I wrote the book, first.

I've got a lot of energy and drive to do this, though. Hopefully, after two years of dragging my butt to get the first draft done, I can get the edits and redrafting done by the end of this summer.

Wish me luck!

(Also, this marks my 50th post to this writing blog. I'm actually surprised it took me nearly this long!)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Intra-Hiatus Hiatus

So, earlier, I had mentioned that March was going to be my "month off," with my intention of returning to revising and rewriting my draft of The Seventh Chakra on April 1st.

Well, I tiny side-project I started on ended up taking a lot longer than I'd intended, and so not only did I take up all of March, but I took all of April, too.

Long story short, that's all done, now, and as of May 1st, I can get back to the novel thing, finally.