Monday, January 29, 2007

Further Difficulties

This year just hasn't been kind to me in terms of getting writing done. For whatever reason, I'm not getting a lot of time to write, and even when I do, my motivation to do so is very low, and I get very little done.

I think a lot of it might relate to the fact that I'm doing a lot of editing and reworking of pieces and not writing anything new. I mean, I know that editing and redrafting is all still very important, but it might just be that I'm just a bit underexcited, since the pieces I am working on are all old enough that they're not firmly entrenched in my mind. It may also be one of those feedback loops where I fall further behind due to the discouragement I feel at falling behind.

I've got a few deadlines to work with on a few of my pieces, though, so hopefully, that'll help convince me to get back to the keyboard and get things done like I need to start doing.

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