Monday, March 17, 2008

Dusting Things Off

Okay, so it's been over half a year since I bothered to post here. I'll confess that part of that has to do with the fact that I'm not sure how many people even read this thing, and another part of it is simply that I've been some combination of busy or lazy.

I am, however, still writing!

Tonight is the last class meeting for the most recent writing class I've been taking with my partner-in-crime, Tim. We do a lot of our writing together, and we're always bouncing our respective ideas off each other. Mostly, we take our classes together (well, I've taken all of my classes with him, though he's taken others without me). This most recent class was something of a mixed bag; I'm not sure I learned as much from it as I would've liked, and there was a lot of work to put into it, to boot, so I'm mostly relieved that it's over, more than anything else. Really, I think one of the most valuable things I learned from it was that if I was able to scrounge up the time during the week to workshop and review the stories we read, then I can scrounge up time to write during the week, too.

Work on my novel had been put on hiatus while I'd been busy with class. It's still very daunting to think about, and I might continue to take some time away from it. When I think about the story, I know I still believe in it, but I worry about my ability to tell it, still.

The good thing is that I've been cranking out short stories again, finally. Normally, I only finagle a handful of them a year, lately, but my spark seems to have come back, whether as a side-effect of frustration or just plain determination. As I mentioned above, I know that I can find the time, so it's just a matter of making it.

Part of keeping myself motivated should, in theory, involve my regularly keeping up this writing blog. Hopefully I can keep myself to that.

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