Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hunnerd Kay

Last night, while out writing at the neighborhood Starbucks with my fellow writer-friend, I finally managed to hit the vaulted 100,000 word milestone on my draft of The Seventh Chakra.

Already, this makes it longer than my first draft of Thousand Leaves, though I suspect that it might still end up shorter than Thousand Leaves did in the end (around 121K words); it may reach that length, as I think of it, though I doubt it'll be much longer, if at all.

As for the finished product, I find myself wondering how long that will be. I ended up cutting and stripping out huge chucks of my first draft of Thousand Leaves, and yet the final rewrite still ended up being 25,000 words longer. I can see something similar happening with The Seventh Chakra, for some reason.

I also feel compelled to point out that, by this point in the narrative, every major character has been shot at least once (not always on the actual page, but there you have it, all the same). Just to give you an idea of what sort of things you can look forward to.

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Irk said...

You know, I anticipate the same thing happening with the Peacock King's first novel as happened to Thousand Leaves. As I write it I can tell where I need to expand but just can't slow down for it yet, and I can also tell where I'm just going to cut something out because it was useless.

Approaching the end of my draft is scary. It's good for bloggin' with but the prospect of actually shaping it up for real book material is intimidating, like a very tough training regime.